Since 2002

The endless research of vemworks has ranged from architecture, industrial design, craftwork and art, providing projects in which these disciplines are merged achieving innovative outcomes. 

Within the planning journey, hand made and the research for innovative solutions play an essential aspect to define unique settings, far from standards and archetipes.

Over the years vemworks has secured important partnerships with brands and companies in several areas of interest ranging from furniture, lighting and design.

These partnerships allows vemworks to offer to thier clients an “integrated” architecture. Some of these creations have been utilized in photo shoots to present design products.

The philosophy of vemworks is clearly visible in its achievements in several areas of design interest, first of all within the private residential sector but also within the public and retail. 

The planning and design approach shapes itself on the client’s demands and the brainstorming process in which all the team of architects and designers are involved. 

The outcome is always an accurate refined and innovative project, features that distinguishes vemworks philosophy and attitude. 

From the left: Emanuele Corte, Marco Dellatorre (with Dug) and Vittoria Fiorito, co-founders and chief architects of vemworks.

Vittoria Fiorito

Co-Founder and chief architect

Emanuele Corte

Co-Founder and chief architect

Marco Dellatorre

Co-Founder and chief architect

Viviana Ponte


Alberto Fiermonte


Viola Bodiglio


Sofia Sarzano


Claudia Lupano

retail/interior designer

Omar Sala